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Blackjack takes five minutes to learn and years to master. This website – – aims to cut through the complications and give you a clear concise guide to blackjack and other 21 variants. We also place a strong emphasis on online blackjack and where to play real money games.

Despite the element of chance and the ever-present house edge, smart and dedicated players can still manage to bring in a respectable profit during their times spent playing blackjack at online or land-based casinos. And this is why millions of players devote their efforts to a deeper understanding of the game.

This site will provide rules of games, diverse strategies, real money mobile blackjack, where Aussies can play, and the different games, you should find everything you need to know about this thoroughly enjoyable game right here.

Where to play real money online 21

After extensive research, we’ve compiled a list of the best Internet casinos offering diverse and high-quality online blackjack on computer, laptop, mobile and tablets – all with the best odds and rule-sets.

1/ All Slots Casino: Opened in 2000 and a long-trusted operator under the Brightshare banner, All Slots isn’t just for pokies – it has a superb catalogue of blackjack and one of the most newbie-friendly, slick casino interfaces on the Web.

2/ Gday Casino: Gday Casino is fast developing into one of the favourite destinations for Australian blackjack players. The casino has both NetEnt and Ezugi live dealer games. They are also known for being a great site for high rollers with big limit 21 tables.

3/ Guts Casino: A relatively new online casino on the scene, Guts has made a name and reputation for itself thanks to its diverse range of blackjack games available across different software providers – it hosts 21 games powered by Microgaming, BetSoft, Net Ent and more.

4/ Royal Vegas Casino: Founded in 2000 the leading site of the ‘Fortune Lounge’ group of casino websites, Royal Vegas is our recommended favourite for its range of online blackjack on offer – classic, high-stakes, live dealer, multihand, re-deal – along with generous deposit bonuses to get the most out of every dealt hand.

5/ Jackpot City Casino: Established circa 1998 and is one of the oldest and most experienced Web casinos, Jackpot City lives up to its name and hosts an impressive range of Instant Play and downloadable Microgaming blackjack games with a number of stakes options.

Real money blackjack at these sites can be played on your computer, laptop, mobile and tablet. If you’re looking to play on portable devices, click the buttons below on your device to load up your chosen casino site.

Deposit options at blackjack sites

Australians have a number of options available to deposit real money into a casino account. There are no restrictions placed on how we can deposit, though, Paypal has stopped its Aussie services from depositing into online casino accounts.

Some of the more common ways to deposit money into a casino is via credit card (Visa, MasterCard etc), web wallets (Neteller), online payment processors (POLi) and bank transfers, which is a great method for players looking to deposit large amounts of money.

All the common ways of depositing, barring a bank transfer, are generally instant methods. This means you can sign up at an online casino and minutes later be playing.

Withdrawals will take longer at online casinos with most taking between 24 and 48 hours to hit the players account, after they request the withdrawal.

Tips for playing real money blackjack

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, the following blackjack tips should serve you well online and at land-based casinos. The team at are experienced in all things 21 and love passing on the knowledge they have gathered over the years.

Never bet more than you can afford to lose: This is the most important piece of information we can impart to you, and it applies to any form of gambling. Failure to adhere to this piece of advice will most likely result in a large credit card bill, an empty wallet, and frequent trips to the ATM. If you have a card you are prone to use a lot, it can be a good idea to take it out of your wallet and leave it in the car if attending a land-based casino. Self-control is the most important thing here.

Avoid insurance: This is a side bet designed to take advantage of inexperienced players. Sure, you recoup some money if the dealer hits blackjack, but the odds are against you. Generally speaking, you are better off taking your chances and passing on the option to purchase insurance. Experienced card counters may utilise this side bet, as they can better calculate the dealer’s chances of getting blackjack on any given hand.

Learn basic strategy: This one of the most useful tips we can impart. Basic strategy is a system of play that tells you how to proceed based on the cards held by you and the dealer and is the foundation for a successful blackjack career. So with that said, browse over our strategies and teachings so you can put them in to practice the next time you play 21.

Practice makes perfect: Before you start playing for real at an online or land-based casino, practice with your mates and become familiar with the rules of the game. Or play for free at one of our suggested sites to improve your skills. If you encounter something you don’t understand, read more about it, and that’s what we are here for. Also, if you’re planning on learning how to count cards, this requires countless hours of practice before you can accurately keep track of the deck.

Don’t emulate the dealer: Some beginner blackjack players watch the dealer and emulate their strategy. This is an awful idea, as you need to concentrate on playing your hand the way that works best for you. Besides, blackjack dealers have certain procedures they have to stick to, while you are unencumbered by such restrictions.

Splitting: You should always split Aces and Eights, but never split Fours, Fives or Tens (or face cards). All other pairs should be split when the dealer shows a Six or something lower on his/her up-card.

Don’t drink too much: This applies to brick and mortar casinos, but also when playing from home. Some land-based casinos provide free alcohol; a sure way to get patrons drunk and possibly cause them to abandon or forget their gaming strategies.

Watch Your Bankroll: Managing your bankroll is an art, and you should always pay attention to the minimum wager requirements at a blackjack table. A good rule of thumb is as follows: never wager more than 5% of your bankroll on a single game of blackjack. Otherwise, you’ll quickly bust out and be forced to either go home or play with money that you can’t afford to lose.

Get used to your surroundings: If you haven’t been inside a casino for a while, the flashing lights and constant sounds can be overwhelming at first. Before you head to the blackjack table, spend some time getting used to your environment. This will enable you to block out the background noise and concentrate on beating the dealer. The same can be said of an online casino, start with smaller stakes to get a feel for how the software or live dealer works.t

Find the right table: Never be satisfied with sitting down at the first real money blackjack table you come across. Take your time, look around, and locate a table where you feel comfortable playing. If you enjoy playing with a small number of people, hit the casino late at night. Or, if you prefer a more crowded atmosphere, show up to play blackjack between 6pm and 11pm. Each player has their own likes and dislikes, and it’s important to find the table that least conflicts with your desires as a customer and potential player.

Be polite to the dealer: The individual acting as the dealer didn’t set the house edge, and they certainly didn’t create the game of blackjack. They’re just a person trying to earn enough money to pay the bills, which is why you should never take your frustrations out on them. And who wants to stare a hostile dealer in the eyes for hours at a time? Enjoy some friendly banter and your time interacting with them.

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